Things coming…

Earlier this week, I was part of a fortunate group of people, represented by VMware, partners, vSpecialists, and some fantastic people “In the Know.” Among other things, we had the opportunity to discuss some very pertinent roadmap information for what is real on the coming release of the desktop infrastructure coming from my personal favorite virtual infrastructure company.

While i am not prepared to introduce this information quite yet. I can assure you that there will be quite a bit of information coming from all over the blogosphere. I’ll be adding my 2 cents to that as well. In the immediate future, the feature set is going to impress. There will be many things to appeal to both existing and to entice new customers.

In the more extended future, our roadmap is even more outstanding. I absolutely cannot wait to share this information. Suffice to say that the future looks so bright, that the view, aw hell, I can’t make the pun, it’s too obvious.

In addition, we discussed some internal tools that help us at EMC and within specifically the vSpecialist team to make things work best for our our customers. View is a fantastic product, place it on our products, and size it properly and it simply sings. But, place it on anyone’s products, and size it improperly, and nobody is going to be happy. One of our most important goals is to make sure that you, as a customer or user of the View product suite get things working, but also working well. View takes advantage of so much of the VAAI API. Our deep integration with the API’s, at this point, deeper than anyone else’s, makes EMC the ideal choice for a View environment.

I’m really looking forward to the future as it comes to View, and simply cannot wait until VMWorld. We get to wear our fancy blue shirts again. How fun is that?


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