It’s been a while… So, what’s new?

How’s this for blogging consistency? I think that it’s been 18 months. A lot’s happened. I’ve been involved with a Hosted Virtual Desktop company called tuCloud which has one of the largest footprints in the business, and have implemented as well as upgraded VMware View for both the largest hedge fund in the world, and one of the largest bio-med’s in the world. Fun times. More recently, I’ve been sharing the stage with some awesome people at a company called ASG who have a piece of orchestration software that is hypervisor agnostic, and very cool.

I’ve been so fortunate in my career to have worked along side some of the most amazing people, some of the most talented and enjoyable personalities. Through my travels and conferences, as well as presentations with customers I’ve met some life enriching people as well. Fortunately in this world of Twitter, I get to interact with most of them on a regular basis. And believe me, Twitter has served me well in other ways too. It’s a sobering thought.

So, I’m launching into a new and fresh stage of my work life. Taking this show on the road, if you will. Having worked with VMware for as long as I have, and having worked in the storage world, particularly with EMC for as long as I have, I’ve been searching for an ideal environment for myself, with people who are of the type I’ve been describing, technology that excites me, and a growth strategy that I can get behind. I have found the perfect place.

I am joining Nexenta and couldn’t be happier. Nexenta has some of the coolest storage tech I’ve ever seen, and they don’t even sell storage. They sell the most evolved and most well rounded storage management software in the industry. I’m very excited. Not to mention that I get to join Matt Vogt, Mike Letschin, and Theron Conrey. These are three of the long time heavy hitters in the industry. I will certainly be forced to sharpen my skills, and build some brand new ones. What a thrill for me.


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