Nexenta has updated our NexentaStor OpenStorage Appliance to Version 3.1.4, there are some amazing new features…

NexentaStor, the most powerful, easy to use, enterprise-class storage environment in the industry, has updated the rock-solid operating system with some amazing new features, we’re sure will provide some much appreciated industry recognition. Following is a listing of them, straight from the documentation:

New Features

  • SES Control (SESCTL)

    Adding separate persistent service to filter and offload NMS requests. This helps large environments and eliminates NMS hangs due to frequent queries and interaction with underlying storage.

  • Password Security

    Enhanced security of password management.


  • Faulty Device Handling

    Enhanced ability for NexentaStor to recognize and report on and handle faulty devices.

  • IO Continuity Enhancements

    Improves NexentaStor’s ability to provide response to client IOs in the face of faulty hardware; this is in addition to improving NexentaStor’s ability to manage faulty and failing devices.

  • CIFS and Active Directory Domain Joining

    Enhanced NexentaStor support with Active Directory joining and CIFS share authentication.

  • Auto-Sync / Replication

    Improved setup and configuration, allowing for selection of the replication protocol (SSH or RRP). Simplified scheduler allows users to set start time and retention number of prior snapshots.

In future posts, I’ll go into each of these in detail, maybe even post some links to videos that some of my teammates and I have created that will outline processes that illustrate how some of these have become easier, and maybe almost trivial to accomplish, where before they were not quite so easy. For example, we’re aware that AD joining, while previously quite doable, was a very involved process, is now a far easier process. Quite a bit of work has gone into making the Open Solaris joining process for storage negotiation work far better. Mike Letschin, from the Federal team at Nexenta ( @MLetschin ) and a peer from our SE group, has made a fantastic video illustrating just how easy this process is today.

We’re very excited to release this product, and to let you know that you may upgrade easily


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