#vExpert Selection


The notifications came out yesterday, and much to my pleasant surprise, I was on the list. What a fantastic list of notables. I’m so honored to be included amongst my peers in this group. I’ve been in this great community of users of this fantastic technology for so many years, and have had the pleasure of being a part of these vMugs, vForums, and of course VMWorlds so many times. I’ve met so many of these people through social media, read their blogs, benefited from their intelligence, their humor and their insight and I can only hope that I’ve added to the conversation on a few occasions.

 My gratitude to @JTroyer and team for all the efforts they put in to this program, to the team at @Tintri for the generosity of the TShirts and to all my fellow #vExperts whom I now can call peers.

 Once again, I am honored and thrilled to be included. Thank you all.


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