Second Time Around

Once again, the fantastic team at VMware, led by John Mark Troyer @JTroyer and Corey Romero have compiled a comprehensive list of vExperts. I am thrilled to be included in this elite corps. The vExpert community is not a certification, but more an industry recognition of efforts. These people who are bloggers, tweeters, and have years of deep experience in this technology we all love.

The full listing and blog post by Corey is located here:

My first acceptance into that group was gratifying to say the least, but to be recognized for a second year in a row is truly humbling.

It comes with great appreciation and true sincerity. My commitment to you, the community of readers, and technologists who use this great tech, that I will continue to push myself forward to deliver content of meaning, and assist my customers in implementing best of breed solutions.

Quite simply, I want to thank the team, and let my co-inductees how appreciative I am to be included.

Thank you-



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