Sometimes, you get caught in the switches…

I’ve been so happy working for such an amazing organization as VMware. My role has been challenging, exciting and a very interesting ride. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, and play with really cool tech on which I hadn’t previously had the chance or time. The Software Defined Data Center is in many ways a huge step toward the future of infrastructure. VVols, vSan, and NSX are really game changers, and functionally amazing. In the Hybrid Cloud, we’ll probably find that these technologies, particularly NSX will make the migration of workloads a much more viable option.

Unfortunately, my team, Velocity, which was in many ways a skunkworks project, recently got disbanded. That has left me with some decisions to make. What to do next? How to leverage the things I’ve done thus far, and make a career choice that will give me the opportunity to shine, as well as give my employer the full breadth of my experiences?

I decided to join a great firm on the partner side called OnX Enterprise Solutions.

OnX has a huge set of solutions in so many vast areas of solutions, including Cloud, Apps, Professional Services, and traditional consulting that the opportunity to provide end-to-end answers to real issues faced by today’s enterprises, with so many potential options in those solutions that I feel like a kid in a candy store.

We practically have any option available to us as potential solutions. I’ve incredibly excited to be joining such a great group of people, and to be able to deliver our customers so many of the things that OnX can do. And, if we haven’t done it yet, we are able to add new tech to the repertoire as new and exciting things become available.

It is just this kind of “outside the box”approach that truly makes the difference.

So, sometimes you do get caught in the switches, but sometimes, too, you get an opportunity you would never have had otherwise.

Please look for me at my home on Twitter @MBLeib, on LinkedIn  and here at my blog for great doings from our team.


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