Honored to be a TFD Delegate

Back at VMworld 2015, I was invited to sit in on a day’s presentations from a variety of cool vendors as a blogger with perspective on OpenStack, Storage, Virtualization and orchestration. It was a great experience hanging with Steve Foskett (@SFoskett), Tom Hollingsworth (@NetworkingNerd)  and a slew of great industry bloggers to get a perspective on these vendor’s newer products or updates. Also, I was blessed to get fed by Enrico Signoretti (@Esignoretti ) with an authentic Italian pasta meal complete with Parmesan brought from his home.


Recently, I was asked to participate in a Tech Field Day (@TechFieldDay) event in Austin in the beginning of February. The list of presenters to the group is outstanding, and I’m really looking forward to hearing what they have to say. I’ll be blogging on my findings and thoughts as I hear what they’ve got to say. This is an honor and a genuine kindness. Plus, I do certainly love Austin.


Enrico is holding his Tech UnPlugged conference that Monday, but unfortunately, due to a work obligation in Oklahoma City, I will not be able to make it.


Austin is a fantastic Tech hub, certainly, helmed by Dell and AMD (at who’s location, I worked a number of years back on a consulting gig). Highlights will be the opportunity to meet up again with Chris Wahl (@ChrisWahl) who’s a bright star at Rubrik.


Check out the following link for details on this and other TFD events.



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