Being a vExpert

@JTroyer and Corey Romero have truly established the benchmark for Community Advocates in the group called vExpert. I’ve been honored enough to have been accepted into this auspicious group now five times.

In the beginning of the program, the level of rarity and feeling of being a part of a truly special and rarified group. However, as the product matured in both embraceable technology and broadened to a user-base that makes it one of the most deployed software platforms in the world, the rarity of the vExpert program has become less so.

This year, however, the team at VMware have splintered a group called the vExpert NSX team. Once again, this special sub-category, with expertise focusing on the NSX product line, and thus network virtualization has risen as a new tech to be turned into a unique SME group.

I was truly honored to be included into the inaugural team with this focus. This group has a much smaller footprint of only 115 persons.

With special emphasis on the wonderful technologies included in the NSX product stream, which is not limited to, but adds quick deployment options with consistency across the entire NSX environment, as well as an enhanced security through the use of Micro-Segmentation.

I’ve been playing with the technology since just after acquisition by VMware of Nicera, the group that truly invented the tech. And, while an employee at VMware, we certainly used this in our Software Defined Data Center build.

So with that, and a very short posting, I simply wanted to thank the team at VMware and to state my appreciation of my election to this wonderful inaugural group.



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