Pure Storage Accelerate/Storage Field Day 13 – PreFlight

Get on that bus!

During the week of June 12th through the 16th, I will once again be fortunate enough to attend both the Pure Storage Accelerate trade show, this the second time it’s happening, and also to attend Storage Field Day 13. This will be my sixth time attending a Field Day event.

I’m so pleased to be joining my fellow delegates again, and hanging out with the likes of Arjan Timmerman, Chris Evans, Christopher Kusek, Dan Frith, Howard Marks, Justin Warren, Max Mortillaro, Erik Ableson, Jason Nash, Mike Preston, Nick Howell, Scott D. Lowe, and Ray Lucchesi. These luminaries of the storage world, literally from all over the world, only make me better at what I do. A huge dose of gratitude to Stephen Foskett for inviting me again. I rarely feel worthy to be in the company of such rockstars. Also, a giant appreciation to Pure for their sponsorship.

As for presenters, I am excited to see what’s happened at DellEMC since the acquisition, updates from Exablox, Seagate, and X-IO, and my first look into Primary Data. Great companies, all, with interesting and often game-changing approaches to the world of enterprise storage. I also am interested to see what’s happening with SNIA, who’ve consistently provided intriguing content with a global overview to the storage world.

These events, broadcasted live and recorded for future viewing by the amazing video crew, always in attendance, behind the scenes, and ensuring that the stream looks, sounds and records fantastically. Truly, these guys are artists. Please watch as things go from good to great on either Vimeo or YouTube, and follow us at TechFieldDay.com.

I’ve loved being a part of these events, and look forward to this one every bit as much as the previous ones.

Thanks to Stephen’s whole team, who facilitate, orchestrate, and moderate what has to be an enormous pain, flawlessly and without hiccups.


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