HPEDiscover 2018

First allow me to say that one of the blessings of my career has been the trust placed in me by some of my favorite vendors. In this case, I was invited to take place in the blogger’s sessions at HPEDiscover in Las Vegas recently. As you, loyal readers (if you’ve been paying attention), I’ve been to a number of these specific events in the past. HPE has shown me a loyalty by granting me access to information beyond that which the large scope of attendees do not typically receive. I have been receiving back end deeper dive conversations with technology leads giving me solutions based on real world problems, and pushing the technology forward toward problems that have not yet reared their ugly heads.

While essentially a social event, and I cannot deny the fun I have in spending time with so many of my peers from all over the world, learning from them, and hopefully sharing some of my experiences, in an effort to grow my own experiences both within and without the robust HPE tools we’re here to discuss. And, the gift of being able to have these conversations in a face-to-face, non-salesey kind of interaction with people who either match or surpass my own experience or talent in these areas is quite an opportunity.

While in Las Vegas, we had the chance to gain presentations on the Arista/Aruba solutions, from perspectives like management, Software Defined Wan (SDWan), Wireless and how that can be locked down, and how to incorporate the Aruba solutions into Hybrid Cloud solutions. A particularly interesting customer conversation took place on Wednesday morning, wherein the CTO of the Ryder Cup discussed with us the challenges of standing up a fully deployed wireless network on a huge scale with quite literally no time to spare. His experiences stemmed from being the point man in Olympic IT rollouts, but the Ryder cup project is not a permanent location, and all that gets left behind after the three day event is fibre having been run throughout the course.

I’ve had Artificial Intelligence briefings, which is particularly relevant to me, as I am currently involved with a customer doing such a project. I’ve received information on Quantum Computing, and how the approach has changed over the years, leading up to today, as opposed to how the concept was approached back when Richard Feynman initially proposed the concept. We’ve discussed the Synergy Composable Architecture and the growth in that platform since introduction, as well as smaller HCI approach with the Simplivity toolset from prior to the acquisition to now. We’ve had some particularly interesting conversations about what where and why for particular pieces of storage, how to choose which solution is right for you, and what the choices mean in regards to your business.

It is, to me, more important when having these discussions, that we focus on what does this widget, or concept solve in a real-world approach. My goal is not specifically to sell product, but more accurately to solve the problems being experienced by my customers. To me, this approach, being manifested by HPE at this point feels so much more proactive and not reactive. The idea is that you may not have some of these problems just yet, however, when you do, you’ll find that our approach has already solved that problem. My belief is that it’s a far more holistic approach to supporting the customer and their future growth. We feel aligned in our approach, and this is a blessing.

I also had the pleasure of presenting a storage overview with the HPE portfolio as my focus in a vBrownbag tech talk. When the Nimble acquisition took place, there were a lot of questions regarding where that technology would be placed within the overall line of HPE storage products. Well today, we saw where that platform does fit in the family snapshot, and what components are actively, as well as are not being rolled into the other tools. For example, Cloud Volumes, about which I’ve written in the past, will not be part of the 3Par storage line. For example, the most compelling piece, for me, on the intellectual property behind the acquisition of Nimble, that of Infosight, is now fully integrated into the 3Par stack as well. I can certainly believe that while a critical undertaking, the success makes for a truly compelling reason for my customers to take a serious look at both Nimble and 3Par for their storage needs.

We’ve also had a full trade show experience. What that means is that we get to talk to all the ecosystem partners, what they present, and how they integrate to the HPE solutions overall. I loved meeting with Hedvig, Scality, and others who compliment the subject so near and dear to my heart, that of Storage. I also enjoyed briefings on the OneSphere solution, and how it fits into the overall equation. These are true real-world solutions that will have ramifications to my customer base, and help them move to the future.


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