What do I anticipate for NetApp Insight?

Insight is around the corner, and though this is the first time I’ll be attending, those who’ve been readers of my blog will know I’ve a long history with this venerable storage company. I’m intrigued by the growth taking place at NetApp, and believe that there are so many areas in which the future is looking bright.


I can imagine all sorts of interesting developments on the NetApp/Solidfire front surrounding this emerging and brilliant development in storage. How will NetApp leverage this way cool technology for greater disc throughput, and even more importantly for scalability? I suspect we’ll be seeing all kinds of development in this direction. I’ve written much in previous postings about NVMe and the fabric connectivity of this tech. I do believe that it’s changing the paradigm in terms of iops and connectivity. It’s truly becoming de-facto in regards to new storage technology, and we’ve seen some interesting manners by which even legacy vendors are taking advantage of it. So, I’m very interested to see what will be done with this by NetApp.

Predictive Analytics

I’m quite intrigued by newer methods of providing performance, and hardware analytics which will tend toward the proactive protection of storage platforms being developed by more traditional hardware vendors. If you recall, when attending a Storage Field Day event, I was fortunate to see a very cool presentation from NetApp on OnCommand Insight. I think that while a new approach to this kind of tech, a quite interesting one. I’m hoping to see how this has progressed in these past few months, and anticipate only positive developments.

HyperConverged Infrastructure

I have seen much in the way of the HyperFlex platform from NetApp, and have heard some quite compelling conversation from @BaconIsKing (Gabriel Chapman) particularly on how this approach toward the HCI has progressed. Well, I’m truly hoping to see what new has been developed, as well as the hope that there’s some roadmap information out there. I have a suspicion that there’ve been some interesting developments on this front.


While I’ve seen that the above listed tech out of NetApp has been growing and progressing, I am sure that there are additional trends making progress behind closed doors over there, and I cannot anticipate more highly any news coming out of this show. As per usual, you can expect me to be tweeting about it, and writing at least one piece after returning from NetApp Insight. For those of you who’d like to attend, please follow this link: https://insight.netapp.com/


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