Tech Field Day exclusive at Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day

For quite a while now, I’ve been a Delegate for Tech Field Day, concentrating primarily on the Storage Field Day events. These have been great events, presenting to the delegate group new or evolving tech from vendors who’ve always got something interesting to say the least. These events, where all travel and lodging is paid for by the Tech Field Day event group have educated me, my fellow delegates, and anyone taking in the video whether live or after-the-fact on these great presentations.

On occasion, there are special event presentations either at trade shows, or in this case at something along the lines of an Intel Briefing. Coming next week, Intel is providing a briefing on their Data-Centric Innovation Day. And, once again, I’m so fortunate to have been included. This will be a one-day presentation wherein we are going to learn about, what I’m guessing will be cool new tech being introduced, that will aid the data center in the handling, performance, and optimization of data residing on architectures that Intel will have key stake in managing.

While one could certainly speculate on what technologies they’re going to discuss, my curiosity is truly piqued. Could it be some storage environment? Maybe an IO enhancement? With the new line of processors about to launch, maybe that will have something to do with it. I just don’t know, but I’m really looking forward to finding out.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit at Intel’s campus a couple times, and have written about them before. These events too, have been primarily storage related or even cloud related. In one, I remember first being introduced to Optane, Intel’s and Micron’s 3D crosspoint tech. At another, we discussed the Intel SSD platform, and how things like “bitrot” could be effected by, of all things Cosmic Rays, and what Intel was doing to protect the data integrity within the disc because of it.

Intel has long been a hugely innovative giant in the tech industry, and there are some real scientists within their hallowed walls. I just love interacting with these geniuses, and am so very much looking forward to hearing what they’ve done recently, and what they’re planning on announcing.

Please follow this event on the Tech Field Day event page here, and enjoy, hopefully as much as I will.


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