#TFD11 – Reflections on Tech Field Day

For a year now, I’ve been a delegate for Tech Field Day. The purpose of this brave enterprise is to connect Bloggers and technology companies in a round-table format geared toward “Getting the message out.”  I’ve had the opportunity to receive first hand messaging from some great organizations, and become a member of a team of roving, intrepid bloggers who get dropped into great cities in a war-correspondent manner. Though, the only danger we may see revolves around having too much fun and maybe too little sleep.

The organization of this process has proven to be surprisingly like glass. I say surprisingly because the logistics alone would prove to be daunting, but there’s so much more to the constantly moving parts that make up a Field Day event are something like a Rube Goldberg contraption, yet things run so smoothly and easily for those of us trying to absorb the presentation that it almost seem like these four individuals are 16, quiet and capable ones. Many thanks for Claire, Megan, Tom and Stephen who consistently organize such a well-oiled machine.

Now that I’m no longer a newbie, I can see a more overarching view, and see how efficiently things go.

Stephen and the team bring us from one venue to another, so that time can be optimized. So very much is packed into these SWAT team events, as well as great dinners, and even the occasional baseball game. At these evening events we get to socialize with those teammates we only just met, people from within the industry we know only from social media, those we’ve known in real life for years, as well as personnel from the presenter’s side, who are always intriguing.

In my short time with the crew, we’ve been to Boston and Austin, and the bay area a couple times. We’ve learned of the effects of cosmic rays on discs both spinning and solid state, we’ve learned of Stroopwaffels, and quite a bit about coffee.

These presentations have proven to be intriguing, sometimes in an “Are you kidding me” mode, and others in the way that problems are being solved in new ways, creating answers to problems some of us didn’t even know existed.

We’ve all really enjoyed our time. For me I’ve really appreciated all the efforts on the parts of all those involved. I’ve enjoyed meeting peers from all over the world, and making new friends. I can also say that my blog has never seen such activity, so hopefully things have been resonating.


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