Walk in the SunshineLook out cause here comes some free advice Walk in the sunshine, watch for the bright sun Be all those things you’re able to be You got to listen to the heavens, you got to try to Understand The grateness of their movement is just as small as it Is grand Try not to hurry, it’s just not your worry Leave it to those all caught up in time You got to deep-six your wristwatch, you got to try and Understand The time it seems to capture is just the movement of Its hands I’ve been taking some time off of the Blog recently. I haven’t posted for over six weeks. I could make some excuses like, I needed to take a digital hiatus, or some such nonsense (not that the idea of a digital vacation isn’t a great idea) but the truth is, I’ve been feeling somewhat out of sorts in recent weeks. A big part of this has to do with the inability I’ve found recently, and quite a setback, in the trust of others. There are many people in my life, most of my friendships from all over the world, are so very dear to me. I can count the people with whom I’ve worked for years, those I’ve met via social media, and various blogging affiliations amongst my closest friends. Yet, others with whom I’ve placed a degree of trust, from my personal life seem to only be interested in using me for their own agendas. Under normal circumstances, I can tolerate a certain level of nefarious agenda, but this particular case has been a struggle for me. I’ve taken recently to the value of the digital detox, as my friends @JTroyer and @DailyKat promoted their experience of the Digital Detox here. The benefit they’ve seen because of this exercise has been palpable. My own version has me taking weekends off from social media. To me, this has been a struggle, particularly on the Twitter front. I do engage, but would like to take even more of a break. It’s a conscious effort, and I have been trying to get better at it. Additionally, I’ve found myself moving inward. The time I spend with my dog has become some of the most satisfying I have. There’s a real satisfaction to be gained by having a companion who is so very dedicated and non-judgmental. I find Stella, my most constant companion, and my few local friends to be more valuable as of late. One might say I’ve experienced a bit of depression, or seasonal affected disorder. And, one may be right, in effect. I’m not sure if it’s a malaise, ennui or just boredom. I do know that I’m getting older, and that I wake not feeling refreshed. I have been trying to put as much effort as possible into my work, but in my spare time, I’ve been reading, playing my guitar, and have begun therapy. I believe that I’m on my way back to a happy place, but it’s going to take some time. Thanks for reading, and thank you for your patience. Matt

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