Threat Intelligence, Intsights, and Ransomware mitigation

If you’ve been paying attention to the IT industry lately, you’ve undoubtedly realized that unauthorized access to your company’s data, and most particularly your Active Directory credentials, which could grant access to that data is, and should be top of mind. This information is being mined by malicious actors, and subsequently posted on the web, overt, deep, and dark-web, to be clear.

As these bad actors get more creative and adapt to tech that’s proven successful to remediate these threats, the technology has needed to adapt. Specifically, leveraging retrieved credentials to gain access has proven to be one of the most insidious methods of gaining entrée.

To be clear, there are many players in the data integrity space who’ve created solid solutions on the mitigation after the fact of a ransomware attack. Excellent solutions, to be sure. But if this attack vector can be mitigated, or even eliminated prior to that ransomware entering the network, that truly would alleviate all these requirements once the bad actions have affected the network, wouldn’t that be ideal?

It would seem that if there were a method of catching those bad actors, and mitigating their attempt before it hits the network before it even hits the network, block them, and lock them out before access is even attempted would be ideal. Intsights, with their AD integration is the way. This tech validates maliciously gained credentials. It does this by building a database comprised of these compromised credentials by monitoring the clear, deep, and dark-web for these bad actors, and locking them out of the relevant domains proactively.

Here’s a quick overview of the Cyber Threat Intelligence and External Threat Protection suite:

Leveraging a “Threat Library” from that database, which is constantly being updated, the TIP (Threat Intelligence Platform), showing how easily your organization, through this dashboard, can see just what’s happening, who’s being monitored, and how effectively this is being accomplished.

One of the advantages of the tool is that there’s no need to build an infrastructure on-premises, but rather an automated system running outside the network. There’s no need to know, understand, or even monitor the system, although as this dashboard does show, an administrator may be able to view what’s happening. By monitoring the websites that may provide insight to these, they also actively interrogate social media and potential phishing attacks. Then, automatically send messaging requesting registrars to remove those domains, as well as sending messages to the IT team.

One can truly understand that this is a next generation approach to protect your network from these threats, even focusing on specific industries, so that each customer has a focal direction of the threat actors in the space.

Surely, the industry is coming to a point where taking some proactive steps to mitigate what will be significant losses, breaches, and potentially complete disruptions of business requires forward thinking, and a platform implementation such as the Intsights TIP may be just the ticket.

The suite of products from Intsights as of today are here:

Threat Intelligence:

Threat Intelligence Platform:

Vulnerability Risk Analyzer:

Threat Third Party:


Disclosure: the commentary is mine but has been sponsored.


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